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[25. Oct. 2020] [Dutch Design Week] [Eindhoven]
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(Non)Depleted at DDW20, Eindhoven 17.10.2020–25.10.2020

(Non)Depleted is a group exhibition gathering several local and international designers/artists. Through the presented projects, we are exploring the meanings of depletion—from resource extraction to critical thinking about social, political and ecological exhaustion. Presenting a broad spectrum of directions of how we might creatively envision an alternative to the ongoing system from an ideological, material, aesthetical and renewable perspective.

The body of work involves different media and approaches, with unclear boundaries between design, contemporary art, science and technology. They are the result of actively experimenting with postindustrial waste, biomaterials, living organisms and digital tools. Engaging with self-modified production processes, to the transformation of their own spaces into autonomous factories.

These proposals are seeking to expand how we can re-envision our methods, infrastructures and the meanings of materials. Not assuming to have answers but critically questioning and inviting the audience to think with us what we want forward to mean–by taking in mind the distance act of spectating.

Anna Solal, Barry Llewellyn, Blast Studio, Claudia Bumb, Crafting plastics! studio, Davide Piscitelli, Delphine Lejeune, Elissa Brunato, Kajsa Melchior, Louise Bègue-Teissier, Mathias Malm, Noa Jasma, Orson Oxo Van Beek, Paulo Arraiano, Quinten Mestdagh, Rollo Bryant, Romain Albers, Rosario Talevi, Sarah Roseman, Studio KBB, Vincent Snijders

Vincents Snijders: Altered Landscape, 2019. Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo Credits: Vincent Snijders

Virtual Showroom View of (Non)Depleted during the Dutch Deisgn Week 2020.
Blast Studio: Fungi Print, 2020. London, United Kingdom. Photo Credits: Blast Studio

Davide Piscitelli: Ratione Soli, 2019. London, United Kingdom. Photo Credits: Davide Piscitelli

Claudia Bumb: Algae as Building Blocks, 2020. Hannover, Germany. Photo Credits: Studio Tusch

Orson Oxo Van Beek and Quinten Mestdagh: Ornamentum, 2020. Antwerp, Belgium. Photo Credits: Michael Smith

crafting plastics! studio: Nuatan Tableware, 2019. Bratislava, Slovakia. Photo Credits: Patrícia Kvasňovská

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