[04—27. Mar. 2022] [Haus der Statistik] [Berlin]
Positioned Realities
[16. Apr—27. May. 2021] [Gr_und] [Berlin]

[25. Oct. 2020] [Dutch Design Week] [Eindhoven]
Parasitic Reading Room

[17—25. Oct. 2020] [Dutch Design Week] [Eindhoven]



Curatorial Team 

Our activities are a form of research to develop critical reflections through artistic engagement across visual disciplines.

Non-Depleted is a curatorial research team based in both Eindhoven and Berlin. We investigate socio-ecological entanglements and explore their political dimensions—committed to different forms of knowledge, aesthetic emergences, narratives of 'resistance', creative pedagogies, and interdisciplinary collaboration. The team functions as a platform for contemporary visual and spatial articulations—taking form as exhibitions, public programmes, events, workshops or publications.

As a curatorial collective, we bring in different topics and skills driven by interest, background and desires—or what we also like to call Situated Fields of Knowledge and Action.

Nina Blume is a Berlin-based designer, researcher, editor, and curator who thematically engages in urban practice, political ecology and feminist perspectives. As part of the project space Gr_und, she gained experience maintaining, organizing, financing, and communicating cultural spaces. Besides, she works as an assistant editor at

Oliverio Segura is a conceptual artist, DJ and cultural producer who studied political science, electronic arts, art history and art theory. He embeds the project with academic discourse and historical context referring to decolonial and queer theories. Currently lives and works in Mexico City.

Sebastian Guzman Olmos is an Eindhoven/Berlin-based designer, researcher and curator interested in political ecology, alternative materials, infrastructure and active forms of decolonization. He currently studies at Design Academy Eindhoven and collaborates at The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building.

Initiated in 2020, Non-Depleted is Nina Blume, Oliverio Segura and Sebastian Guzman Olmos.