[04—27. Mar. 2022] [Haus der Statistik] [Berlin]
Positioned Realities
[16. Apr—27. May. 2021] [Gr_und] [Berlin]

[25. Oct. 2020] [Dutch Design Week] [Eindhoven]
Parasitic Reading Room

[17—25. Oct. 2020] [Dutch Design Week] [Eindhoven]



Positioned Realities at Haus der Statistik

Plural conditions for change are knocking on our doors.

Positioned Realities is a transnational assemblage of visual and spatial projects. Who operate within or between capital, class, race, gender and land—navigating through places, bodies and environmental dimensions. Reflecting, intervening, and delinking from dominant ideologies, frameworks, and continuities of western historical reality.

(Non)Depleted at Gr_und

(Non)Depleted is a group exhibition that brings together contemporary design and art projects to unwrap the meaning of depletion in the current context. Through this choir of critical but upbeat voices, the exhibition explores unconventional roads to materia
l and systems. That enables different tactics, methodologies and perspectives—translated into objects, installations, furniture and research-based practice.

The Parasitic Reading Room

In collaboration with Rosario Talevi, we hosted and developed one of The Parasitic Reading Room’s performative reading sessions and a reader. We collected phrases, fragments, incomplete texts, and sentences selected by the exhibition's designers and artists and by our curatorial team. The selection of content indicates what resonated with the group's understanding of the term "depletion".

The Parasitic Reading Room, an on-going nomad, spontaneous and parasitic set of reading spaces that often take place along cultural venues and events, or any other spot in the city, with the intention of 'parasite' ideas, contents and places, in order to provoke a contagion of knowledge. Initiated by dpr-barcelona with the Open Raumlabor University.

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(Non)Depleted at DDW2020 [Online]

Challenging circumstances have driven us to rethink the distance we put between ourselves and the world around us–by taking in mind the distance act of spectating. (Non)Depleted is an exhibition investigating materiality, aesthetics, and self-reflection within political, social and environmentally engaged projects. Not assuming to have answers but critically questioning what we want forward to mean.